European Directive «Seveso ΙΙΙ»

Major accidents involving hazardous substances
Following the first ‘Seveso’ Directive in 1982, the ‘Seveso IIΙ’ Directive is intended to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and limit their consequences for man and the environment, with a view to ensuring high levels of protection throughout the Community.


Council Directive 96/82/EC of 9 December 1996 on the control of major-accident hazards involving dangerous substances [See amending acts].


This Directive ‘Seveso IIΙ’ replaced Directive 82/501/EEC (‘Seveso IΙ’, named after the Italian town which suffered exposure to an accidental release of dioxin in 1976). It introduced important changes and new concepts. It focuses on protection of the environment, and was the first to cover substances considered dangerous for the environment, in particular aquatoxics. It introduced new requirements relating to safety management systems, emergency plans and land-use planning and tightened up the provisions on inspections and public information.